A Truly Personalised Rehab Experience

The Hesten Hill Treatment Programme

Hesten Hill Rehab offers comprehensive and holistic treatment programmes for substance and behavioural addictions from our luxury facilities on the outskirts of Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand. Our unique services, expert medical team, world-class programmes, state-of-the-art facilities, and pristine natural setting combine to make us the best rehab in Thailand.

1. Full medical support

During your stay at Hesten Hill Rehab, you will receive the very best medical treatment and support. Our onsite medical team is comprised of a doctor, a psychologist, and a psychiatrist. We also provide 24/7 nursing for our clients. If necessary, when you start your stay with us, you will undergo an onsite detox with our complete supervision and support.

2. Bespoke rehab experience

As the best choice for bespoke rehab in Thailand, you will feel as though you are staying at an all-inclusive resort rather than at a medical facility. Our expert chefs will prepare you à la carte meals made from the freshest locally-sourced ingredients. We also offer a full menu of spa treatments so you can feel revitalised in body, mind, and spirit.

3. Ultimate personalisation and care

The maximum occupancy at Hesten Hill Rehab Thailand is 6 people. We insist on this, as it allows us to deliver the utmost personalised care for our clients. As our guest, you will receive four individual therapy sessions each week – the highest number available in Thailand. You will also be appointed a private counsellor and a personal recovery coach.

4. Strong mindfulness-based activities

We offer five mindfulness meditation sessions each week as an integral part of our core treatment programme. The practice teaches you to pay close attention to your own thought processes, giving you an excellent tool for overcoming addiction. Our location in Thailand also allows us to provide special variations on traditional mindfulness, including candlelit meditation, walking cup meditation, and monk-led chanting meditation sessions. 

5. Comprehensive approach

Addiction is a complex, multidimensional problem, which requires a multidimensional solution. We employ a comprehensive, holistic, and evidence-based treatment approach that addresses all the physical, mental, social, and environmental aspects of addiction. We also offer a wide range of complementary holistic therapies and activities that are designed to bolster the gains you make in core treatment.

6. Eco-friendly environment

At Hesten Hill Rehab, we pride ourselves on striking a positive balance between environmental sustainability and the local community. We do not use any single-use plastics or straws, and all of our food – with the exception of the seafood – is locally sourced from within a 20km radius. This ensures that we use only the freshest of ingredients and that all our meals contribute to a healthy diet.

7. Wide range of holistic therapies

In order to provide our clients with optimal health and wellness, Hesten Hill Rehab offers a wide range of holistic therapies and activities that complement the core treatment programme. These include yoga, acupuncture, art therapy, aqua therapy, Pilates classes, and workouts with a personal trainer – all available as part of our standard programme at no extra charge.

8. Additional support

During your time with us, we will design a full relapse prevention plan for you. Having a detailed plan written down on paper can help you visualise your recovery needs. This will help you avoid destructive behaviours and give you effective strategies for dealing with future challenges. We also provide online counselling sessions to ensure the gains you make with us are sustained and long-lasting.

9. Affordable luxury

Luxury rehabs are often expensive, but that’s not always the case if you are able to travel. Hesten Hill Rehab in Thailand costs a fraction of what similar treatments cost in the West. We offer world-class all-inclusive treatment in a luxurious and private setting at an affordable price. Our upscale amenities and personalised services cultivate a comfortable and relaxing environment for you to recover in.

10. Weekly excursions

Rehab doesn’t have to be all hard work, relaxing and learning to have sober fun is part of the journey. That’s why we hold weekly offsite excursions to some of the Chiang Mai region’s most iconic tourist attractions and natural wonders. You’ll get the chance to experience waterfalls, elephant sanctuaries, river kayaking, temple tours, and much more, all as part of our standard programme at no extra charge.

11. Biochemical restoration

Biochemical restoration heals the physical damages caused by substance and behavioural addiction. Our expert team will give you a full medical examination, including a bloodwork analysis, a functional medicine lab test, and a complete bio energetic scan. Based on your results, we will provide you with a personalised nutrition plan, including vitamins and supplements. This will rid your body of toxins and correct nutritional deficiencies, allowing it to heal and strengthen itself.