Cocaine Rehab and Addiction Treatment in Thailand

Cocaine is a highly addictive and dangerous substance. Cocaine addiction invariably leads to disastrous outcomes for your physical and mental health as well as your relationships. If you’re struggling with cocaine addiction, it can feel like a trap with no way out. But there is a way out. Quality cocaine rehab is available for you to get back on your feet and regain control of your life.

Choosing the right cocaine rehabilitation programme can be somewhat challenging. Treatment in Western countries can often be prohibitively expensive. Coming to Thailand rehab for cocaine addiction is an excellent alternative.

At Hesten Hill Rehab Thailand, we offer world-class luxury cocaine addiction rehab at highly competitive prices. Even after travel expenses, our programme is significantly more affordable than similar treatments in the West. If you’re ready to start your journey to recovery, Hesten Hill Rehab will be there to support you through every step of the way.


Cocaine use and addiction

Cocaine is a powerful and addictive stimulant drug, made from the coca plant that is native to South America. The cocaine found on the streets, however, is almost never pure as dealers often mix in various other substances to increase their profits. This makes cocaine even more dangerous, as users often don’t know what actual doses they are getting, or what other dangerous substances are mixed in.

The most common way to use cocaine is by snorting it, but it can also be smoked or injected. The effects of the drug are felt almost instantly after it is used. Mental effects can include euphoric feelings, loss of touch with reality, and an inflated sense of confidence. Physical symptoms can include sweating, increased heart rate, dilated pupils, and, after higher doses, increased body temperature and blood pressure. 

Cocaine has pronounced effects on the reward pathways of the brain, making it highly addictive. It is the second most trafficked illicit drug in the world and approximately 1.5 million people have used cocaine in the past month in the United States alone.

Cocaine withdrawal symptoms

Frequent or heavy cocaine users often find themselves having to take more of the drug to achieve the same effects. After prolonged use, the drug often has many undesirable effects, including agitation, irritability, restlessness, panic attacks, reckless behaviour, and hallucinations.

Long-term users risk myocardial infarction, stroke, heart attacks, gastrointestinal ulcers, deviated septum, malnourishment, and Parkinson’s disease.     

When cocaine addicts stop using the drug, it is common for them to suffer withdrawal symptoms such as difficulty concentrating, restlessness, insomnia, nightmares, extreme fatigue, irritability, depression, paranoia, and intense cravings.

Although cocaine addiction can be a devasting affliction, it is possible to overcome it with the right help. There are many cocaine rehab treatments available to treat cocaine addiction, including detoxification, inpatient rehab, behavioural therapy, and support groups. For the highest likelihood of a successful recovery, a cocaine rehab centre that combines all of these elements is highly recommended.

The benefits of inpatient cocaine rehabilitation

Inpatient cocaine rehabilitation allows you to begin the crucial first days and weeks of your recovery under the careful supervision of trained professionals. Inpatient programmes generally last for at least a month and can last up to three months or longer, depending on the needs of the client. If needed, treatment begins with a detox period. This is followed by therapy, counselling, group discussions, and many other holistic activities.

Entering an inpatient programme allows you to break from the routines and triggers of your daily life, so you can focus all of your efforts on your recovery.


Our unique cocaine rehab treatment

Cocaine addiction is a complex condition. There are many social, physical, and environmental factors that can lead to someone use the drug and become addicted it. At Hesten Hill Rehab, we fully understand this. That’s why our drug rehab in Thailand employs many different techniques and approaches to treat our clients so that you have the best chance at successful recovery.

Detox and medication

If you are a heavy cocaine user, you will most likely need to undergo a detox period at the start of your treatment. Hesten Hill Rehab’s expert team will design a detox plan for you and carefully monitor your progress throughout. Our detox clinic in Thailand provides you with a safe and comfortable recovery environment, supporting you both emotionally and physically.

During the detox period, you will receive 24/7 nursing care and regular doctor visits. If appropriate, our psychiatrist will also prescribe you medication to alleviate your withdrawal symptoms. When all remnants of cocaine – and any other substances you may have been abusing – have left your system, you will be ready to begin the full treatment programme.

Behavioural therapy and trauma treatment


Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) teaches you to identify the harmful thoughts you have about yourself. These are the thoughts that trigger you to use cocaine. Through therapy you will learn to quickly recognise these thinking patterns as they arise, and replace them with more beneficial processes.


Dialectal behaviour therapy (DBT) works in conjunction with cognitive behavioural therapy, with greater focus on emotional and social aspects. The goal of DBT is to achieve a more balanced behaviours by transforming negative thinking patterns and destructive behaviours into positive outcomes.

Trauma treatment

Integrated trauma treatment is also a vital part of Hesten Hill Rehab’s treatment programme. Through eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR) and trauma release exercises, you will learn to cope with traumatic events in your past in a healthy manner. By addressing traumatic events in your past and examining your current thoughts and behavioural patterns, you’ll emerge from treatment with more self-awareness and more self-esteem. This will help you to avoid future cocaine use and give you the foundations for a healthy and fulfilling future.

Collection of 12 steps and CBT books

12-step Minnesota model

The 12-step programme is most widely known through its association with Alcoholics Anonymous, but it is just as effective at managing cocaine addiction. In 12-step sessions, you will learn valuable techniques for abstaining from cocaine use, commit to atoning for the harms you may have caused friends, family, and acquaintances when you were using, and set forth on the path of sobriety and wellness.

Mindfulness meditation

Practicing mindfulness simply means learning to pay attention to thoughts and sensations. This process of paying attention helps you to more easily identify harmful thoughts and provides an excellent complement to the strategies you will learn in psychological therapy.

As an added benefit, our location in Thailand – with its deep connection to the Buddhist roots of meditation – allows us to offer some additional variations on mindfulness, including walking cup meditation, singing bowl meditation, candlelit meditation, and monk-led chanting meditation. Mindfulness is an extraordinary tool that, beyond helping you overcome your cocaine addiction, will also serve you well in your day to day life.

Relapse prevention and aftercare

During your cocaine rehab treatment, we will work closely with you to develop a relapse prevention plan. This will teach you effective strategies for dealing with any future cocaine cravings, while giving you a plan of action should a relapse occur. We also offer comprehensive aftercare, including regular group and individual online therapy sessions. The first few weeks and months after your return home are crucial to your recovery, which is why we are committed to supporting you long after you have left Hesten Hill Rehab’s facilities.

Our cocaine addiction rehab offers:

  • Highly personalised care; maximum occupancy is 6 people
  • Frequent individual therapy
  • Full medical team
  • 24/7 nursing care
  • Luxury lakeside villas
  • Lush gardens and serene tropical surroundings
  • Full spa therapy
  • Exciting offsite excursions

Cost of cocaine rehab in Thailand

Our prices are highly competitive. We offer luxury cocaine addiction rehab at much lower prices than what comparable programmes cost in the West. For more information about pricing, insurance coverage, and payment plans, please contact us directly.

Are you ready to begin your recovery journey?

Cocaine rehab is indeed hard work. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also have a meaningful and memorable time while you do it. At Hesten Hill Rehab, we are absolutely committed to helping you recover, while ensuring that you have a wonderful time with us at our luxury facility in northern Thailand. If you are ready to start your journey towards lasting wellness, contact us today.