GHB Rehab in Thailand

GHB is a synthesised drug that can be highly addictive and hazardous. GHB use can have devastating effects on both your mental and physical health. You might feel that you’re stuck with no way out from the drug, but there is always a solution. Professional help is available to put your life back on track. Joining a GHB rehab programme is the best way to start.

It can be difficult to choose a suitable GHB rehab. The best private rehab programmes in the West can be quite expensive and public programmes often have long waiting lists. Thailand is a viable option to consider when looking for GHB rehab centres, as high-quality luxury programmes are available at affordable prices.

Hesten Hill Rehab provides world-class and exclusive GHB addiction treatments at attractive prices. Even with the inclusion of travel costs, our drug rehab programme in Thailand is much cheaper than what you can find in Western countries. If you’re ready to start your recovery, Hesten Hill Rehab is fully dedicated to providing you with total support on your journey to lasting wellness.


What is GHB?

GHB is short for ‘Gamma-hydroxybutyrate’. It also known as a “date rape drug” and is similar in chemistry to Rohypnol. This synthesised drug gained popularity in the 1980’s by party-goers. Bodybuilders also sometimes use the drug as it can increase growth hormone production, leading to higher muscle mass and decreased fat indexes. It is commonly available as an oily colourless liquid, and sometimes available in capsule or powdered form. It has almost no odour and has a salt-like taste.

The drug is usually taken orally in liquid form but can also be snorted or injected, though these methods are uncommon. Its effect produces similar outcomes to that of alcohol, but without the side effects of drowsiness or slurred speech. In addition, the effects can include feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and an increased libido.

Effects and withdrawals of GHB abuse

Negative side-effects can include dizziness, nausea, clumsiness, and memory lapses. Some of the withdrawal symptoms of GHB include anxiety, insomnia, increased heart rate and blood pressure, tremors, and psychotic thoughts. Using GHB together with alcohol will strengthen its effect and taking the drug in high doses can eventually lead to unconsciousness. Its frequent overuse can cause overdose and even death in some cases.

What options are available for GHB addiction treatment?

Finding methods to overcome GHB addiction is entirely possible. Treatment for GHB can be done in an inpatient or outpatient basis. Both of these types of settings offer many of the same treatment modalities such as drug support groups, individual and group counselling, behaviour therapy, holistic therapy, family therapy and so on. To increase the chances of complete recovery, however, enrolling in an inpatient treatment programme is strongly advised.

The advantages of inpatient GHB drug rehab

Joining an inpatient treatment programme at Hesten Hill Rehab is an excellent first step towards recovery, where you will be monitored and guided by highly-trained professionals. Treatment programmes can last up to 30 days or longer depending on your needs. The first step of GHB drug rehab is the detox period, which is then followed by individual therapy sessions, group discussions, counselling, and many other additional therapeutic and recreational activities that are designed to promote health and wellness.

By joining our inpatient rehab in Thailand, you will be able to get away from your daily routines so that all your efforts can be channelled into your recovery.


Hesten Hill Rehab's GHB addiction treatment programme

Our GHB rehab programme includes the following treatment methods:

Detox and medication

If you are addicted to GHB, you will likely need to go through a detox phase when you first start your treatment. Within our comfortable and safe detox clinic in Thailand, our team of experts will assist you in making a comprehensive detox plan and vigilantly keep an eye on your progress. We will provide you with full emotional and physical support throughout this period. Our resident psychiatrist is readily made available together with 24/7 nursing care, and regular doctor visits. We can also prescribe appropriate medication to help you cope with any withdrawal symptoms. You will be ready to start your full treatment programme as soon as the traces of GHB have left your system.

Behavioural therapy and trauma treatment

At Hesten Hill Rehab, we fully understand the reasons behind our client’s desire to use drugs as it likely stems from a wide array of social, emotional, and environmental factors. We thoroughly analyse your personal history to uncover all of the underlying reasons that may have led to you using GHB. Simply put, we want to know as much as we can about you and your addiction. To treat the addiction’s causes, we will provide you with cognitive and dialectical behaviour therapy as well as trauma treatment.


In cognitive behavioural therapy, we will teach you to recognise the negative thoughts that contribute to your decisions to use GHB. By identifying them during the therapy sessions, you will be able to overcome them with a more positive mindset. Dialectal behaviour therapy builds upon the former. During these sessions, you will learn different approaches that act as a guide in helping you think and behave more positively.

Trauma treatment

During the trauma treatment stage of GHB rehab, you will learn to accept any negative emotions that you might have which are related to your past via Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) as well as by participating in trauma release exercises. You will be able to overcome the need to use GHB, and revitalise yourself with encouraging thoughts as you learn to divert the emotions related to past trauma.

12-step Minnesota model

The 12-step programme is widely known through its association with Alcoholics Anonymous but it is also beneficial in helping with drug addiction. Extensive research that took eight years and a budget of USD $27 million to complete was sponsored by the US-based National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. The results presented in the research point to the model’s efficacy in drug treatment as well. In the 12-step Minnesota programme, we will introduce methods that teach you to avoid using GHB, prepare you for atonement towards loved one you may have hurt while you were using, and ready you for your journey to recovery.

Mindfulness meditation

By practicing mindfulness meditation, you will learn to focus on your thoughts and feelings. You will learn to recognise negative thoughts as they arise and replace them with more beneficial ones. As such, mindfulness provides an excellent supplement to the techniques you will learn during psychological therapy.

The population in Thailand is predominantly Buddhist, and therefore has a strong tradition of meditation. This allows us to offer many variations on traditional mindfulness such as monk-led chanting meditation, walking cup meditation, candlelit meditation, and singing bowl meditation. Mindfulness teaches you acceptance and helps raise your attention to what is happening around you, and, more importantly, within your own mind and body. Practicing mindfulness meditation will be a helpful tool for conquering your GHB dependency and it will also be a tremendous help in your everyday life.

GHB rehab aftercare

A GHB drug rehab programme would not be complete without a relapse prevention and aftercare plan. Our team of professionals will assist you in creating an effective plan should you experience a relapse. In addition, we offer a bespoke aftercare programme as well as one-on-one online therapy and regular group sessions. Since the initial weeks after finishing your time with us are critical, we are dedicated to providing you with our full support.

The benefits of our GHB rehab centre

  • Exclusive care: maximum occupancy of 6 beds
  • Beautiful location with tropical surroundings
  • High-class facilities comparable to a luxury resort
  • À-la-carte meals
  • On-site medical team including 24-hour nursing care, doctor, psychiatrist and psychologist
  • Partners with Chiang Mai Ram – leading hospital in Thailand
  • Four private therapy sessions a week (highest among rehabs in Thailand)
  • Access to your own personal counsellor and recovery coach
  • Monk-led mindfulness meditation sessions
  • Comprehensive relapse prevention and aftercare

Cost of GHB rehab in Thailand

At competitive rates, we have only the best to offer as compared to similar treatment programmes in Western countries. To find out more about our prices, insurance coverage, and payment plans, please contact us.

Ready to start your journey?

GHB rehab is difficult, but we at Hesten Hill Rehab are fully dedicated to helping you overcome your drug problem and making your time with us both memorable and meaningful. To begin your rehab journey today, give us a call or fill out a contact form below.