Rehab for Ice Addiction in Thailand

Ice is a powerful narcotic that can cause severe physical and mental instability in its users. Overcoming ice addiction is no easy feat, and it is even more difficult to accomplish alone. Fortunately, there are many treatment programmes available where trained professionals guide you through your journey to recovery. If you are struggling with ice addiction and looking for a way out, rehab for ice addiction in Thailand can be a great place to start.

Undergoing ice rehab centres in your hometown is possible but private treatment programmes in the West are often very expensive and public programmes have long waitlists. Moreover, a change of environment, away from the triggers you face in your daily life will be highly beneficial to the recovery process. 

From its luxury facilities located in the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai, Hesten Hill Rehab offers a world-class holistic rehab for ice addicts at a fraction of the price of similar rehab centres found in the West. We offer an immensely supportive environment for your recovery journey, while giving you a first-hand experience of northern Thailand’s rich culture and lush natural scenery.


What is ice/crystal meth?

Ice, which is also known as crystal meth, is the purest form of methamphetamine. It comes in the shape of clear crystals or ice-like shards, which is where it gets the name “ice”. Ice is a powerful stimulant drug that gives users an overwhelming surge of energy and feelings of euphoria. Continued ice abuse can eventually cause cardiovascular problems, hallucinations, an irregular heart rate, and hyperthermia. Ice overdoses are common and can be fatal in severe cases. Normal methamphetamine can make users feel euphoric for up to 12 hours but ice can affect users for as long as 24 hours.

Ice addiction in Australia

Ice addiction is an especially prominent problem in Australia, where an estimated 0.8% of the population has used the drug in the past 12 months. Men are almost twice as likely as women to use ice, and addiction to the drug is much more common among the unemployed. Almost 70% of users smoke the drug, but an alarming number of users inject it. Injecting ice can lead to many additional health problems such as collapsed veins and contracting communicable diseases like HIV.

Effects of ice addiction and withdrawal symptoms

  • dilated pupils

  • rapid eye movement

  • irregular sleeping patterns

  • strange behaviours

  • mood swings
  • appetite loss
  • paranoia
  • and hallucinations

If you are severely dependent on crystal meth, specialist rehab for ice addiction can be just what you need to get back on your feet. In some cases, when you suddenly stop taking ice, withdrawal may occur. Withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, fatigue, depression, psychosis, intense cravings, nausea, fever, and dehydration. If you’re likely to experience these symptoms, it is highly recommended that you seek a detox treatment under the supervision of medical professionals.

Ice treatment options

There are several treatment options available for ice addiction including detoxification, support groups, individual and group therapy, behaviour therapy outpatient treatments, and inpatient programmes. At Hesten Hill Rehab, you will undergo a full medical detox process followed by psychological therapies, holistic therapies, physical activities, emotional support, and more. All of these are done in an inpatient setting to maximise your chances of a successful recovery.

The benefits of inpatient ice rehab

Rehab for ice addiction is best done in an inpatient setting. Going through a recovery process in an inpatient facility at Hesten Hill Rehab Thailand gives you an advantage over an outpatient facility as you will receive 24/7 medical and emotional support. As you undergo an inpatient treatment, you will stay in our rehab centre for most of your stay.

An inpatient setting frees you from the daily distractions of the world so that you can put all your effort into getting your life back on track. Once your treatment programme is completed, you will receive professional aftercare to ensure your continued sobriety and emotional health after you have returned home.


Our unique rehab programme for ice addicts


During an initial phone consultation with you, we will determine the severity of your ice addiction. Our staff will then recommend whether you should undergo a detox programme or not. Upon your arrival at our detox clinic in Thailand, our doctor will give you a comprehensive physical and mental examination. A 360-degree psychological assessment will then be carried out by our onsite psychiatrists. In cases of heavy ice dependence, you will need a detox.

Detox is done prior to the start of your treatment programme. In most cases, it can be carried out onsite, but detox for extreme cases will be done at the Chiang Mai Ram hospital, our partner and a leading medical institution in Thailand. Throughout your detox process, you will be carefully monitored around the clock by our trained staff and nurses, who will help to alleviate your withdrawal symptoms. Our doctor will regularly visit you over the course of your detox, and prescribe appropriate medication as needed.

Evidence based treatments

At Hesten Hill Rehab, we understand that your ice abuse problem is not a one-dimensional thing and that there are a number of underlying causes that led you to your current situation. This is the reason that we believe in a holistic approach to rehab. Our counsellor will work to identify the causes of your problems through a range of evidence based treatment methods.

Untreated trauma is often a major factor that pushes people into a downward spiral of substance abuse. Our rehab for ice addiction provides trauma release exercises where you will be able to carefully look back at your past traumatic events and learn to let go of the stress they cause. Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR) is also used to help you learn stress reduction techniques and prepare you for future stressful encounters.

Our psychological treatment includes both cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectical behaviour therapy, which will help you replace harmful thinking patterns with more beneficial processes.

Collection of 12 steps and CBT books

12-step Minnesota model

The 12-step Minnesota model is first known for its use in the treatment of alcohol abuse, but overtime it has been developed to treat ice addiction treatment with equal effectiveness. Through 12-step facilitation, you will learn strategies for abstaining from using ice and other harmful substances, prepare to make amends for any harm you have caused friends and family, and set forth on the pathway of a fulfilling, drug-free life. 

The efficacy of the 12-step Minnesota model is supported by numerous addiction studies. The model is also endorsed by the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation in the United States among many other addiction experts worldwide.

Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation provides a powerful tool for overcoming addiction. The practise of mindfulness – which involves training your mind to pay attention to thoughts and feelings without placing judgement on them – provides an excellent complement to psychological therapy. In addition to standard mindfulness practices, Hesten Hill Rehab also offers candlelit meditation, walking cup meditation, singing bowl meditation, and monk-led chanting.

Relapse prevention and aftercare

Once your treatment programme is completed, our counsellor will work closely with you to craft a bespoke aftercare programme to ensure that you keep ice and other drugs out of your life. We also offer individual and group therapy sessions online to ensure that we continue to support you in the crucial first weeks and months after you return home.

What makes our ice rehab centre ideal?

  • Maximum occupancy of 6 people
  • Access to onsite doctor, psychologist, and psychiatrist
  • Four individual therapy sessions per week
  • Partnership with one of Thailand’s leading medical institutions: Chiang Mai Ram Hospital
  • 24-hour nursing care
  • Personalised treatment plan
  • Luxurious accommodation and setting
  • Lush tropical location and natural scenery
  • Personalised nutrition plans
  • Freshly prepared à la carte meals
  • Workouts with a personal trainer
  • Off-site excursions to top attractions

Cost of our ice rehab in Thailand

Our ice rehab centre in Thailand provides affordable luxury. The fees cover every aspect of the programme, from treatment, to accommodation, to meals. We also accept insurance from leading providers. Please contact us directly for further information about fees and payment plans.

Start your journey to recovery today

At Hesten Hill Rehab, we are here for you. Our ice rehab in Thailand will equip you with all you need to achieve lasting wellness. Contact us today to speak with one of our experts and learn more about our comprehensive ice treatment programme.