Marijuana Rehab in Thailand

Marijuana addiction can be a serious problem to overcome if left untreated. While marijuana use is largely seen as benign, prolonged use can have adverse effects on one’s health and state of mind. If you use marijuana excessively, you might be struggling to escape your dependence on the drug. It is not impossible to refrain from using marijuana as help is within reach. By enrolling in a marijuana rehab, you can overcome your addiction and build yourself a healthier and more productive life.

While many effective treatment programmes can be found in the West, it can be difficult to find the right one. The best private marijuana rehab centres can be highly expensive and public programmes often have long waiting lists. Coming to Thailand for marijuana rehab can be an excellent solution as world-class programmes are available at affordable prices.

From our luxury rehab facilities in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, Hesten Hill Rehab offers comprehensive and holistic approach to rehab for marijuana users. If you’re ready to begin your journey to recovery and lasting wellness, Hesten Hill Rehab is prepared to guide you through every step of the way.


Marijuana addiction and abuse

Marijuana – or cannabis – is widely known as “weed” but it also has several other popular names such as “grass”, “pot”, “dope”, and many more. It is grown mostly in tropical environments and is a major source of income for drug cartels. Recreational use of marijuana is legal and regulated in countries such as the Netherlands, Canada, and certain states in the US. Medical use is also permitted in many other countries around the world.

Although there is a low percentage of marijuana addiction, this trend is slowly rising. The drug is typically smoked in pure form or mixed with tobacco. It can also be made into edible forms like cookies and brownies. Consuming marijuana gives users feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and enhanced senses.

Cannabis contains substantial amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which stimulates brain cells to release dopamine. Although it is widely believed that that one cannot overdose on marijuana, it is technically possible. In some cases, marijuana use can also induce hallucinations and psychotic episodes.

Short and long-term effects of marijuana abuse

The negative effects of the drug vary among individuals, but some of the negative short-term effects of marijuana include slowed reaction time, anxiety, panic, increased appetite, increased heart rate, and loss of motor coordination.

Long term effects of prolonged marijuana use range from lung inflammation and infections, nausea and vomiting, depression and anxiety, impaired memory and problem-solving capability, and triggering of psychosis in individuals with underlying conditions.

Some of the withdrawal symptoms of marijuana include intense cravings, restlessness, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and altered mood. If you or someone you love is struggling with these withdrawal symptoms, treatment at a professional marijuana rehab may be the best solution.

Marijuana treatment options

It is never easy to triumph over any kind of addiction, but quality help is indeed available. There are numerous treatment options available for weed rehabilitation, including behavioural therapy, individual counselling, support groups, holistic activities, and much more. Both outpatient and inpatient treatment programmes can be effective. However, outpatient programmes are more suitable for those with mild addiction as they tend to be less comprehensive and focus on individual treatments. Inpatient programmes offer a higher likelihood of successful recovery as they combine a wide range of different treatment methods and modalities in the same setting.

The advantages of inpatient marijuana rehab centres

Inpatient marijuana rehab centres involve full-time treatment at a specialised facility. At Hesten Hill Rehab, clients will typically need to spend at least 30 days or longer onsite, where they are given access to detox treatment, medication, behavioural therapy, group sharing sessions, offsite meetings, individual counselling, mindfulness practices, and a range of complementary holistic activities. Since this combines the best of all treatment methods, inpatient treatment is highly recommended. Inpatient treatment allows you to escape the triggers of your day to day life and focus all your efforts on recovery and wellness in a safe and supportive setting.


What to expect from our cannabis rehab

At Hesten Hill Rehab, we provide a cannabis rehab programme that utilises the very best modern techniques, combined with traditional and holistic elements.


If necessary, your treatment will start with detoxification. Our expert team will design a detox plan to suit your specific needs. Throughout the detox period, you will be vigilantly monitored and given around-the-clock nursing care, psychiatric counselling, and regular visits from our onsite doctor, who will prescribe you with appropriate medication as needed to help you with any withdrawal symptoms or co-occurring medical conditions. Once detox is complete, you will be ready to begin full treatment.

Behavioural therapy

We will guide you through cognitive and dialectical behavioural therapy sessions as well as trauma treatment. We will get to know you as a person, and together, discover the many issues that may have led to your addiction. Substance addiction can be difficult to treat if trauma-related disorders aren’t addressed and treated effectively. This is why we use EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing) and TRE (trauma release exercises) to help our clients deal with a history of trauma. Through these therapies and treatments, you will learn several useful methods to redirect your desire to use marijuana as well as methods for more productively channelling your thoughts and emotions.

Cozy drug workshop sofa and table

12-step Minnesota model

Another integral part of our programme is the 12-step Minnesota model. This model is widely known through its association with Alcoholics Anonymous, but is also highly effective in resolving drug-related problems. A few years ago, the North American National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism conducted an 8-year-long research project called Project MATCH, where they highlighted the model’s effectiveness in different areas of rehabilitation. With this model, you will learn to abstain from using marijuana, prepare to reconcile with the people you may have harmed when you were under marijuana’s influence, and ready yourself for a fulfilling, drug-free life.

Mindfulness meditation

The final component of our core treatment programme is mindfulness meditation. The practice will teach you to observe your thoughts and emotions and channel them more productively. This provides an excellent complement to the techniques you will learn in behaviour therapy. Since Thailand is deeply connected with Buddhism, we also offer many other variations on standard mindfulness practice including walking cup mediation, candle-lit meditation, singing bowl meditation, and monk-led meditation.

Ongoing support after marijuana rehab

Finally, we provide an after-care relapse prevention programme that includes group and individual online therapy sessions. The initial weeks and months after you have left our rehab centre in Thailand are critical to your recovery, and we are dedicated to supporting you throughout this important time.

Advantages of weed rehabilitation at Hesten Hill Rehab

We provide a full suite of added benefits for weed rehabilitation, at Hesten Hill Rehab you will:

  • Receive full medical support from our team of dedicated professionals who will assist with your detox period and withdrawals.
  • Attend four individual therapy sessions per week and be motivated to overcome your addiction.
  • Get to share your feelings and hear first-hand accounts from other marijuana users during group therapy. This will help you see that you are not alone in your struggle.
  • Receive personalised care from your own personal recovery coach and counsellor.
  • Have the opportunity to participate in a range of holistic activities and treatments such as acupuncture, spa therapy, Pilates classes, and yoga.
  • Get to experience the breath-taking natural scenery of our picturesque location in northern Thailand through our exciting offsite excursions.

Cost of marijuana rehab in Thailand

Our prices are highly competitive. The fees are all-inclusive and they cover all of your needs during your time with us, including full medical support, individual and group therapy sessions, luxury accommodations and facilities, spa treatments, delicious à la carte meals, meditation sessions, an aftercare plan, and access to your own recovery coach and counsellor. For more information about pricing and payment plans, please contact us.

Are you ready to begin your wellness journey?

Cannabis rehab is not an easy task, but our professional team at Hesten Hill Rehab is committed to guiding you through your recovery journey. You can expect to receive the very best medical and emotional support, and leave us with fond memories of your time in Thailand. Contact us to speak with one of our addiction experts to see if marijuana addiction treatment at Hesten Hill Rehab is right for you.