Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can cater to all of our clients’ requirements. Please let us know if you have any dietary concerns, and our qualified chefs will provide tasty and well-crafted dishes to suit your preferences. We also deliver personalised nutrition and supplementation based on your blood work.

For most countries, you’ll get a 30 Day Visa Exemption stamp in your passport which allows you to stay in Thailand for up to 30 days. You can see the list of countries that do not require a visa to enter Thailand here. Our staff can assist you in extending your visa should you decide to stay in Thailand longer than expected. You can also see the list of countries that are eligible for a visa on arrival here.

Yes, you may get to leave the rehab centre for off-site activities such as AA/NA meetings and dinner on Wednesdays. In addition, we also offer off-site excursions and lunches on weekends.

Medical alcohol and drug detoxification with regular doctor visits will be provided to all clients who need it, from our onsite detox clinic. Moreover, we offer 24/7 nursing care and we have a doctor, a psychiatrist, and a psychologist onsite.

If you are severely dependent on alcohol or drugs, we recommend that you undergo detox. Hesten Hill Rehab’s onsite medical staff will oversee the whole process, 24/7. Our expert team will take great care to help you through the detox period, monitoring your progress and alleviating any withdrawal symptoms.

Yes, we accept insurance from leading healthcare providers worldwide. However, we recommend consulting with your provider about their coverage. 

In addition to a daily group session, you will have four individual therapy sessions per week. You will be provided with a personal counsellor and a personal recovery coach. These specialists will help you stay balanced throughout your stay and beyond.

Hesten Hill Rehab is all-inclusive, which means your fees cover everything at the facility, including food, accommodation, medical detox and therapy. However, you should bring a bit of spending money in case you would like to buy things like toiletries, snacks or souvenirs during excursions.

All of the holistic treatments we provide have been proven effective. We also have a maximum occupancy of 6 people, which means we are able to offer treatment and care at a much more personalised level than standard facilities. We provide individual therapy four times per week, which is the highest number of scheduled sessions among rehabs in Thailand.

We will make initial contact with you or your family member regarding your medical history and personal details. We will also explain our centre, facilities, and treatments, and answer any of your questions. You will then be required to make a 25% deposit to book a place at our facility. As part of the final steps in the admission process, we can help you with your travel arrangements.

  • Clothing and personal items
  • Prescription medication
  • Sandals, walking shoes, and running shoes
  • Sportswear and swimwear
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Spending money or credit cards
  • Optional items such as books or a computer
  • Travel documents

We also encourage you to bring along any items that will help make your stay more comfortable.

  • Alcohol 
  • Illegal drugs 
  • Weapons
  • Unapproved prescription medications
  • Clothing that represents violence or displays hate symbols

Although books and personal computers are permitted, they should not contain violent or pornographic materials.

Chiang Mai is well known for its pleasant climate. The coolest months are from November to February, while the weather is typically hot and sunny from March until May. May to November marks the rainy season. Year-round, temperatures generally stay in the high-30, low-20 degree Celsius range.

We are confident in our ability to deliver the best treatment programmes to our clients. If a client decides to quit the programme within seven days of their arrival, we offer a pro-rata refund, with only the 25% deposit being non-refundable.

Hesten Hill Rehab employs a holistic approach to rehabilitation, using a wide range of programmes that work in conjunction with each other to treat your mind, body, and spirit. Our programmes include psychological therapy, trauma treatment, the 12-Step Minnesota Model, mindfulness meditation, relapse prevention, aftercare, and more.

Chiang Mai is accessible by several means of transport. If you are abroad, you can look for flights that arrive directly at Chiang Mai International Airport. If you prefer landing in Bangkok first, you can get to Chiang Mai by a domestic flight which will take roughly one hour.