Holistic Rehab in Thailand

Addiction can be extremely difficult to overcome. Fortunately, high-quality help is available. If you’ve been struggling with drug or alcohol addiction and you’ve decided that it’s time to regain control of your, undergoing a programme of holistic rehab in Thailand is an excellent way to get started.

Drug, alcohol, and behavioural addictions are complex, multidimensional problems that require multidimensional solutions. While treating the physical symptoms of addiction is a very important part of rehabilitation, it does not give you everything you need for a full recovery and lasting wellness. To achieve that, every aspect of your addiction – physical, mental, familial, social, and environmental – will need to be treated comprehensively.

What is holistic rehab and how does it work?

Holistic rehab involves treating every part of the client – in mind, body, and spirit. Holistic treatment programmes address the underlying causes of your addiction, teach you effective coping mechanisms, and help you build the skills to nurture a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle free from the trappings of addiction.

Of course, our holistic rehab in Thailand includes traditional elements such as detox and treatment of physical symptoms. But that is only the beginning. Once you are physically ready, a full programme of individual and group therapy, counselling, support group sessions, nutritional planning, exercise, spa treatments, and much more can begin.

After a holistic rehab programme, you will return to your day to day life fully prepared to continue your journey to lasting recovery and wellness.

Limitations of traditional rehab

Traditional rehab consists of little more than detox and some cursory abstention training. As mentioned above, addressing the physical symptoms of addiction is an essential part of recovery, but it is only one aspect of it. When rehab programmes only treat the physical aspects of addiction, all the underlying causes that have led to the addiction in the first place go untreated. This means there will be a high likelihood of a relapse occurring. Getting over a physical addiction and committing to abstaining from harmful substances and behaviours is a great start, but it will be extremely difficult to maintain that progress if all the other circumstances of your life remain unchanged.

After a holistic rehab programme, you will return to your day to day life fully prepared to continue your journey to lasting recovery and wellness.

Hesten Hill Rehab: The most comprehensive holistic rehab in Thailand

Hesten Hill Rehab Thailand employs a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to addiction treatment. Each core element of our treatment programme plays an integral role in your recovery. We also offer a wide range of additional activities and elements that are designed to bolster the gains you make with core treatments, while giving you the tools to build yourself a better life.

Our holistic approach to rehab combines

  • Psychological therapies such as CBT and DBT
  • Integrated trauma treatment using EMDR and TRE
  • Relapse prevention plan and online aftercare programme
  • Mindfulness practice with a Buddhist monk
  • Fitness with a personal trainer
  • Alternative therapies such as yoga, pilates, massage and aqua therapy
  • Nutritional counseling and personalised diet plan
  • Excursions to Chiang Mai’s most renowned attractions


Holistic elements Hesten Hill Rehab Thailand offers

Aside from our core psychological treatments, we offer a wide range of additional therapies and programmes that are designed to set the groundwork for a healthy and fulfilling life. All of these therapies are optional, but we encourage you to try them all at your leisure. While some of these programmes require significant effort on your part, our expert staff will guide you through each process to ensure that you are comfortable and successfully receiving the maximum wellness benefits of each programme.

Mindfulness meditation: Practicing mindfulness is an essential component of our treatment programme. By learning to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings as they arise, you will develop yet another tool for overcoming addiction and thinking positively. Thailand’s deep connection to the Buddhist elements of meditation allows us to offer a range of additional variations on this practice, including monk-led meditation, chanting meditation, walking cup meditation, singing bowl meditation, and candlelit meditation.

Yoga: The ancient Indian practice of Yoga has myriad benefits, including increased flexibility, weight reduction, injury protection, improved respiration, and better cardio health. Our expert yogi will guide you through every session, helping you make steady progress regardless of whether you are brand new to yoga or are already an advanced practitioner.

Pilates: Named after Joseph Pilates, who created the exercises in the 1920s, Pilates will develop your strength, flexibility, and endurance through a series of low-impact movements. With a focus on muscle balance, core strength, and proper posture, Pilates brings many benefits for people of all fitness levels.

Spa and massage therapy: We offer a full, à la carte spa menu with a wide range of revitalising treatments and therapies, including massage, reiki, and acupuncture. Thailand has a storied history with the art of massage, while reiki and acupuncture are both traditional Eastern therapies that can induce deep states of relaxation and wellness. Our skilled therapists expertly blend modern techniques with traditional methods passed on through generations to ensure that you leave the spa feeling refreshed in mind, body, and spirit.

Aqua Therapy: Aqua therapy, as the name suggests, centres around exercising in the pool. Ideal for clients who either have pre-existing injuries or cannot perform strenuous exercises, aqua therapy is low-impact and improves strength as well as flexibility. After an aqua therapy session, you will feel refreshed and relaxed.

Muay Thai: For our more adventurous clients, we offer Muay Thai lessons in partnership with the Tiger Gym – one of the top Muay Thai training gyms in Thailand. Muay Thai has deep cultural roots in the country, and is one of Thailand’s most popular sports. With support from Tiger Gym’s Muay Thai masters, you will learn the fundamentals of this martial art, while staying within your comfort level. Beyond being a fun cultural experience, Muay Thai also provides a phenomenal workout.

Fitness with a personal trainer: Tending to your physical fitness is one of the most important habits in leading a healthy life. Staying fit also has a positive effect on your mental state and self-image. Moreover, everyone is different; exercises that work wonders for some may not be suitable for others. Your personal trainer will work with you to design an ideal workout, staying within your comfort level, while at the same time encouraging you to push forward to the best of your ability. The goal is for you to incorporate physical fitness into your wellness routine and carry the gains you make with us over to your everyday life.

Nutritional counselling: Proper nutrition is an essential part of recovery and wellness. Finding the right balance to your diet will amplify the progress you have made with therapy and exercise. Hesten Hill Rehab’s nutrition experts will create a personalised plan based on your body type and bloodwork. Our chefs will then use these recommendations to prepare delectable meals for you, made from the finest locally sourced ingredients. 

Offsite excursions: During your time at Hesten Hill Rehab, you will get to visit some of the Chiang Mai region’s most renowned tourist attractions and natural wonders. Rehab can indeed be hard work. But it’s also important for you to have fun and create some delightful memories during your time in Chiang Mai.

At Hesten Hill Rehab, we offer a full range of therapies and activities as part of our all-inclusive treatment programme. This gives you the best chance of a full recovery, as it addresses every aspect of your addiction and helps you build skills that will help you throughout your life. If you’re ready to start your recovery journey, Contact Us today to learn more about our holistic rehab in Thailand.